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The voice of minare/Гласът на Минарето

сряда, 11 март 2009 г.

Jon Mark - Alhambra

In the 1960s, Jon Mark was a session guitarist for such notables as The Rolling Stones, The Beatles, The Yardbirds, and Jeff Beck. He also produced Marianne Faithfull's first five albums. In 1970, he founded the renowned Mark-Almond Band with reedman John Almond. They produced such hits as The City, The Ghetto, One Way Sunday, and What Am I Living For? Those familiar with the songs of the Mark-Almond Band will notice similar qualities in the music on The Standing Stones of Callanish. Jon Mark identifies those qualities as "gentle, soft, introspective, smooth, and somewhat sentimental and melancholy at times."
Born in Cornwall, England, Jon Mark has always been drawn to Celtic music and mythology. His upbringing took place near the actual site of The Standing Stones of Callanish. He continues to compose vocal music and points out that this all-instrumental release is not meant to be new age, old age, or any age, but is a natural extension of who he is. It attests, in fact, to his creative spirit and his willingness to give life to all the music that is within him.
His other recordings for Kuckuck Schallplatten include The Standing Stones of Callanish and Land of Merlin, and for Black Sun Music, The Best of Mark-Almond with Johnny Almond.
Product Description
Aromatic flavors of Spain and Islam commingle in Alhambra, soul-stirring music inspired by the fabulous palace that stands as a massive monument to the Moors of Africa and medieval invaders who ultimately brought their exotic richness to the southern plains of Iberia. The music of Jon Mark soars as high as the massive outer walls of the palace-fortress Alhambra, and sings as intricately as the elaborate mosaics that grace the inner walls. His melodies create the calm of the fountained courtyards and the clarity of the cloudless sky reflected in their pools. His impressions can be as delicate as a petal of a flower or as majestic as the Alhambra itself.
On his synthesizer, Jon Mark brings alive the legends of the Alhambra, its walls echoing with the exotic sounds of Moorish Spain. The rhythms are undeniably Andalusian; the richness is undeniably Jon Mark - passionate, graceful and sweeping.

Track List

2.Arabesque (Night of the Gypsies)
3.The Court of the Kings
4.Coming of the Moors
5.The Infantas
6. Sirocco
7.Glory of Spain
8.The Garden

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