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The voice of minare/Гласът на Минарето

вторник, 27 април 2010 г.

Erkan Ogur & Djivan Gasparyan - Fuad

Before the heart, there was time. Then the miracle occured. The heart came into being. With the command, the beat began. The first blow and the substance shakes with "Fuad" the inital moment of life where movement is born. "Fuad" is power, sound and rhthym. The heart begins life zealously, beating fast... Speeds up, slows down; gets high, gets down. Desire, fear, love, joy, sorrow, music, ecstacy, shock, fatigue/ attack, disease, halt and restart.

Then a signal to the substance, and comes the moment of ceasing... "Fuad". From the minute infinity to the magnanimous one, from nothing to being, "Fuad" commences the universe. There, neither the first nor the last can be defined. Absolute being is the sole reality. Before the heart, the moment of the heart, after the heart; this is the question. There are moments when the heart is broken, that's the instance that breaks "Fuad". The happiest moment of the heart is "Fuad", it sees, hears, touches, tastes, smells, loves, discerns, feels with "Fuad". And we think with "Fuad".

The talents we have and the talents we can never discover are "Fuad". Logic is formed at the heart, and might be cruel or loving as granted. "Fuad" is in the service of matter/ whether human or not, known or unknown, und whether will be discovered, be it living or non-living. Yearning for "Fuad" is a gift to the dreams of humanity.

Djivan Gasparyan
Djivan Gasparian was born in Solag Village of Ahta region in Armenia in October 12 1928. When he was a little boy, he started to work to support his family, but duduk was always in his mind. "Silent movies used to be accompanied by folk music. I heard duduk first time in a movie, I had to earn money for my family. By selling the empty bottles that I collected, I had my first duduk. I was six years old. I learned to play it by myself. After playing in a child group, I entered the Gomidas Conservatory. Following master and pedagogy education, I became an an academian in the conservatory."

Djivan Gasparian performed as a soloist in TatuI Altunian Folk Music and Dances Ensemble from 1946 to 1982. While producer-musician Brian Eno was analyzing the music of Soviet Nationsin the studios of Melodia Record Company in Moscow in 1989, he came across to the music of Djivan Gasparian. Being very impressed, Eno invited Gasparian to London. Gasparian's first album to be published abroad, "I will not be sad in this World" was recorded in this period. After this album, he worked with the most famous symphonic orchestras and well known musicians like Peter Gabriel, Lionel Ritchie and Michael Brook. He recorded many albums in Europe and United States. In many movies like "Ronin" and "Gladiator", he took part with his music.

Track List
1. Yemen,
2. Siresi Yarisdaran (Sevdigimi Elimden Aldilar)
3. Volor Molor (Yardan Gelen Haber)
4. Yes Puccur Yaris Pucur (Ben Kucuk Yar Kucuk)
5. Fuad
6. Perde Kalkti
7. Siyah Percemlerim Gonca Yuzlerin
8. Mayrig (Ana)
9. Lorik
10. Donus Yolu

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