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The voice of minare/Гласът на Минарето

неделя, 14 февруари 2010 г.

Beduk - GO 2010,online !

Beduk - 01 Let Me Go

Beduk - 02 Electric Girl

Beduk - 03 Shake that Thing

Beduk - 04 Love Tonight

Beduk - 05 This Fire

Beduk - 06 We Are One

Beduk - 07 Sway With Me

Beduk - 08 On the Floor

Beduk - 09 Under Bright With Lights

Beduk - 10 Get Stoned

Beduk - 11 Play Now

Beduk - 12 Feels Like Heaven

Serhat Bedük
Birth name Serhat Bedük
Born April 20, 1979 (1979-04-20) (age 30)
Origin Turkey
Genres Electro Pop
Occupations Singer, Song Writer
Years active 2004–present
Labels Audiology Records
hard copy distribution
Sony Music
Website Bedük Official Webpage


Serhat Bedük (20 April 1979, in Ankara), more commonly known by his stage name Bedük, is a Turkish musician.

Bedük had his debut album (under his altername "Serhat") Nefes Almak Zor (English: Hard To Breathe) released in 2004 by İrem Records. However, his rise to fame was in 2007 with his second album, Even Better released through Audiology Records. in 2009 he released his third album Dance Revolution and instantly gathered massive attention. in February 2010 he released his latest album GO that has 12 breakthrough dance tracks with his unique electro pop style. Goes on stage Live. From his press release : Beduk is one of the rare artists that manage to create a vibe that changed the whole conception of a nation’s way of looking at popular music. His two albums; “Even Better” and “Dance Revolution” shocked the Turkish music market where the popular music is conceived as raki, sis kebap, belly dance and dumbek. He broke the rules of the game, by his one of a kind video of his latest single “Automatik” where he appeared as a wedding singer which simulates a ’92 made VHS taped, local authentic Turkish wedding. Aired exclusively on MTV and stayed at the top of the charts for several weeks and gathered massive impression over youtube. He can be described as one of a kind genius that produces, releases his albums, records, mixes, performs the lead vocals, backing vocals, all the instruments and even does his graphic design totally by him self. His music and vision stands at a point where Bee Gees meet with Robert Palmer and Right Said Fred as they decide to go to a contemporary dance-pop concert to beat their brains out. He has completely changed the conception of popular music for many people and vitalized the Turkish market, thus, called as the hero of the local music scene by authorities and music fans. And now Beduk is ready to conquer the global charts with his disco soul and contemporary vision with his new album GO.


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