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The voice of minare/Гласът на Минарето

събота, 6 декември 2008 г.

Michel Fadel - Casablanca

Track List

01 Casablanca
02 Elissa
03 Specimen
04 Tropicanay
05 Somewhere
06 Desillusion (Pourquoi)
07 Oriental More
08 Adagi'eau
09 Lourou Houblouks
10 Amore Dannato
11 Besaccord Mineur
12 Casablanca Video

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Born on the 10th of February 1976, the thirty year old is a musical encyclopedia.
In 1998 Mr Fadel earned his masters degree (classic piano) at the Higher National Musical Conservatory Of Beirut and graduated with excellence.
Michel mastered the history of music, theory of music, oriental music, harmony and fugue, and then his love for music took him to France where he studied composition and orchestration at the Bologna Conservatory. The young talent’s life is full of experiences from winning the First Price at The Holly Spirit University Kaslik (Childhood Year Competition) to throwing concerts with Lady Feyruz, Julia Boutros, and Majida El Roumy.
This musical giant made his way to Hollywood where he participated at The World Championship Of Performing Arts as an instrumentalist composer and won the First Price under his category, Grand Champion Instrumentalist Of The Year 2000.
Michel Fadel’s great achievements made him the a fine musical arranger and so big names in the music world like (Nancy Ajram, Nabil Chouel, Elissa, Carole Samaha, Julia Boutros, Adam, and Nawal El Zoughbi) had a piece of his melodic brain.


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